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Client Love

Kim has helped me regain my confidence in various decisions required in my business. She's helped me see that my approach is strong and can be successful in achieving my goals. My stress level has gone down and I have found new ways to manage stress. Specifically, I've learned to trust my instincts and not overthink each situation. I've accepted that I have no control over other people's reactions or thoughts. I'm realizing I can inspire others while giving the feedback that is required as a normal part of my team's growth. Knowing how to deal with tough discussions will allow me to get my time back.

- Empowered Leadership Coaching Client

Kim's message is going to change corporate leadership. Connecting to your inner leader - your authentic self - is the only way to lead.

- Audience Member at Impact Talks 2023

Over the past few months, I have benefitted from Kim’s transformative approach in our coaching sessions. No matter what topic I bring to the table, Kim has proven herself to adapt to any coaching situation, listening in a way that truly makes me feel heard and understood. Her calming presence makes me feel safe and puts me at ease as she asks empowering questions that lead me to the heart of the issue at hand. Her intuitively guided visualizations have led me to powerful breakthroughs in my thinking and as a result of her coaching, I always leave feeling renewed and ready to take that next big step. If you’re thinking about working with Kim, go for it! The growth and transformation I’ve experienced with her guidance is absolutely priceless.

Morgan Brown

I felt as if the Future Self Visualization was made specifically for me. It made me think about putting a plan in action, and how to keep forward momentum instead of freezing from overwhelm. It even made me think of ways that I can motivate my daughters and help them envision great things for themselves and know that they are achievable.

Wendy Pearson

Kim is a compassionate leader who will help you get back to the person you are meant to be and become.

Faryl Moore, Master of Energetic Arts

Kim has clearly mastered the practice of embodiment and getting out of your head and out of your own way. She truly understands the subject of burnout. I learned a lot from her.

Celi Arias

Kim is a great coach. She is able to meet me where I am, and gently lead me to where I need/want to be to move forward with whatever challenge I have. I like it when she helps me focus on my emotions and see how they impact my body, I feel it is a powerful way for me to stop feeling stuck and find a new perspective.

Cinzia Beretta, Global Communication Leader & Leadership Development Expert

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