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About Kim

Hi there! I’m Kim, and I’m thrilled to connect with you. Consider me your partner, confidant, and trusted ally on your personal and professional growth journey. I see your limitless potential and it’s a pleasure and privilege to help you unleash it. I bring a passion to coaching that will have you feeling motivated and supported every step of the way.

As a former executive leader turned ICF Certified Leadership Coach, my expertise is rooted in both formal training and real-world experience. As an entrepreneur with a 20-year career in leadership, I bring a unique perspective and deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by leaders like you.

In addition to my leadership background and coaching certification, I also have specialized training in mindset coaching and embodied transformation. This unique blend allows for a holistic approach that engenders the sustainable change you’re after.

I believe coaching is a partnership that’s about so much more than achieving goals; it’s about embracing the adventure of personal transformation and creating a life that lights you up from the inside out. I firmly believe this is how we can create a profound impact both in our personal lives and within the organizations and teams we lead.

My mission is to empower leaders like you to thrive and inspire by cultivating inner alignment, breaking free from self-imposed limitations, and unlocking your unbound potential. If the challenges of leadership have you are feeling worn out, stressed, or unfulfilled, if you’re craving something more, or ready to make a shift and grow your impact, I invite you to schedule a discovery call.

As an executive leader, I found myself caught in a cycle of exhaustion and depletion, with little energy left for anything outside of my job. The stress I was carrying was affecting my health, my relationships, and my overall well-being. I stepped away to rest and recalibrate my nervous system and I learned that to achieve the sustainable change I was after, I needed to make changes within myself. It was during this transformative period that I discovered the profound importance of leading from within and the empowering truth that our inner state shapes our external reality.

Just a few other things...

I believe success is defined by how you feel, and an empowered mindset is one of the most powerful tools for effective leadership.

I value genuine connection and will take a heartfelt conversation over small talk any time.

Above all else, I value authenticity, accountability, and trust.

Spontaneity is my jam – I’m always up for an adventure.

I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, travel, and dark chocolate.

Nature ignites a sense of wonder and inspiration that fuels me. It offers the perfect balance of exhilaration and tranquility in its beauty – a space where I can both challenge myself and find stillness to reflect.

When all else fails, dance it out!

When you lead yourself well, you empower yourself to elevate your potential and create a life you love living.

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